Saturday, October 15, 2011

BlueStacks The perfect App that Runs Android Apps on Your Windows PC

Currently in alpha stage, BlueStacks runs Android apps in full screen on Windows 7 and comes preloaded with 10 apps, including news reader Pulse and several games like Bubble Buster.
You can install up to 26 more apps, but will have to connect to the BlueStacks App Channels with Facebook.

BlueStacks has been tested on a tablet PC and the apps worked well. Having a touch interface is ideal for running Android apps on your computer, but without one you can still get a feel of an app with your keyboard and mouse.

The App Player also syncs apps between your PC and your phone or tablet if you install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect App from the Market onto your Android device.

This could be useful when you want a (sort of) seamless experience going from your Android device to your computer and back.
Download PC client->

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