Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to upgrade/downgrade baseband for noobs

-Windows XP/7
-LG Drivers
-Baseband files
For Official LG Gingerbread 2.3.3, Custom ROMS (like, openOptimus v2.202.1,CM 7.2 etc)
Download P500-v20G-baseband.7z(NEW BaseBand)

For Non-Ginger ROMS (CyanogenMod 7.1-, Andy572's ROM,void) or Froyo...
 Download P500-v10E-baseband.7z(OLD BaseBand)

1. Extract the files using winrar/winzip
2. Extract into a folder in your PC.
3. Connect your phone to PC.
(REMINDER) Do disable temporary the LG USB Modem in device manager

4. Open LGMDPv1.5.exe ->
5. Select Port

6. Select your phone and connect...

7. Browse the folder you created... Select the folder... And open...

8. Once done, the application will prompt some shitty errors, ignore it and press OK.
9. Once done, close the selection, don’t touch anything else...
10. Press Download.

Once you press 'Download' button, please remember, DO NOT INTERRUPT OR DISCONNECT/UNPLUG YOUR PHONE WHEN UPGRADING OF THE BASEBAND! The process will only complete when it shows 'Download Complete'. The application will first backup your NV2 ( IMEI, Serial n such), then it will prompt like this:

Do not touch your phone or pc and get a stable USB cable, don't use broken USB cables (not like disconnects by itself...). It will automatically connects....

After NV2 Backup it will shows the flashing of baseband (Amss, amsshd).Once done it will ask for NV2 Restore, do the same thing and wait...

Once restored, it will automatically reboot  and show 'Download Complete',
That’s it... YOU ARE DONE!!! And now you have NEW/OLD Baseband for your p500 J


  1. hey you made a mistake on those links.old baseband should be 10e and new 20g......check those links again.buddy

  2. uhm bro i though one can flash old baseband through recovery.

    1. Not sure, the file in the link has a .exe in it

    2. Not that that'll keep me from trying :)

  3. Hey after i pressed ok im waiting for like 5 mins already
    anything went wrong or what

  4. Hey Bro My Device is Not Detected In The Select port Box I need A Solution