Saturday, October 15, 2011

Install Flash Player on P500

Okay you might have heard that our LG p500 which has a ARMv6 processor doesnt support flash playback
the chinese have overcomed this 
Taken from one of the Chinese tablets
here's the 
download link ->

Install this apk normally
and see that its installed in phone memory and not in sd card
reboot after install
now open your "Default" browser or Skyfire/Dolphin HD (Doesn work in Opera mini)
and go to
let the page load it will detect the flash player of your phone
i got this on visiting the site

once your flash player is detected
test it on flash games,videos etc

Some lag can be expected :D


  1. Its not working properly ... send me some useful info.

  2. it works in browsers like doplhin hd,stock browser only