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Searching for a Game in particular? Just press control + F and type the name of the game
(Saves you time ,rather than scrolling through all the games) :P


Please note this is beta version touch screen doesnt completely work check this image
to navigate game menu->

Download apk->
Downlaod cache->
Freestyle Dirt bike - Motocross

Ride a bike, perform tricks and make freaks stunts. Present 12 motorcycles and five runs.

copy the folder FreestyleDirtBike into / sdcard / (root of the sd card)
and play
Needs a working internet connection else it wont work!!


We all know the cult game Need For Speed. So recently released a new part of the Need For Speed ​​Shift on the PC and consoles. But the developers and we are pleased with the phone owners on the operating system Android. Present to you the new game Need For Speed ​​Shift. The game was very good quality and interesting, with great graphics and sound.
Control game using accelerometer.

Download modded apk(no cache required)->
if above modded apk doesnt work
download from here the game with cache


In these races you will be available 30 vehicles to drive. When driving, you can run your music and enjoy music on the road. You can play via BlueTooth to 6 types of races, or online against real opponents. HD graphics game Asphalt 5 looks great, the animation is also good. Racing in 12 different cities and enjoy this great game!
(extract the downloaded cache and copy folder asphalt5 to your mobile sdcard \ Gameloft \ Games )

The Fast & the Furious 5

Return to Fast and the Furious franchise rate of 5! Play the role of Brian O'Connor, who was on the opposite side of the law and decided to assemble a team of top riders. Get behind the wheel and drive dream team desperate struggle with rivals in the racing game for the plot of the film. OFFICIAL GAME In the film - Run from a federal agent Luke Hobbs, driving through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the Dominican Republic, Hong Kong and more! - Get behind the wheel the coolest cars from the movie, including the latest 2011 Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger 2011

The most spectacular RACE
- Discover function rewind and get another opportunity to avoid dangerous turn or avoid a collision.
- Stunning effects during the race: the objects in the street may collapse or explode, changing the route and putting new obstacles!
- Impressive animation - even at high speed - as well as the actual display side of the road from the window of your cars.
BECOME best riders STREET CHECK - Intense multiplayer mode: split action with friends or take part in online races for up to 10 players! - tuning your car and increase its performance! - Long hours driving at high speed, from survival mode to Drift Game
Download apk->
Download the extra data(Cache)->

Installation is kinda complicated for this game,just follow the instructions step by step and your ready to go :)

1. Install the apk
2. Extract the cache from the rar and place the folder in the  sd card\ gameloft \ games \ GloftF5HP \
3. In The memory card create a folder TitaniumBackup
4. Download the titanium-backup archive->
, unpack it and put the contents of the folder TitaniumBackup
5. Then install the program and open Titanium Backup (download apk ->
6. Choose Backups option
7. Search for the game and select it
8. Select Restore option
9. After that, the game should start ,if the game crashes on starting i.e when playing the starting video
10.Download videos of the games from here->
 and place them in the cache folder \ gameloft \ games \ GloftF5HP \ res \ mixed while replacing the existing
11. Then turn 3g/2g internet and run the game. 

Raging Thunder 2 - chase with pleasure

Raging Thunder 2 - quite a powerful and beautiful music. In this game there are many different modes. There is a simple game mode, when you are given a random car and track is chosen at random, and there is a career mode, as well as driving mode for a while, and even to survive! I think this game will appeal to all fans of Racing game. By means of the accelerometer. Its sensitivity, it can specify in the settings.
Gas can choose automatic or manual. About the same speed.
There is a bonus, they can be money, fixing cars, as in Raging Thunder 2 your transportation breaks and so much more interesting. In addition, there are antibonusy, which are also scattered along the route: burning tires, the car flooded with oil, etc.

Also enjoy playing multiplayer with your friends via internet 2g/3g/wi-fi
Download apk->
Download cache-> 
(After extracting cache place the folder com.polarbit.rthunder2 in / sdcard / data / data / )

Hardcore Dirt Bike - Motocross racing simulator

Hardcore Dirt Bike - excellent, dirty 3D racing motorcycles. Interesting gameplay and music. Do tricks to earn money to unlock the bikes and tracks! 5 long tracks and 12 models of motorcycles.
Download apk->
Download cache-> 
(after extracting cache place folder HardcoreDirtBike in the root of your SD card(dont save in any folder just copy and paste it in sd card)) 
Needs working internet,else game wont start!!

Trial Xtreme 2 - Motorcycle Racing
Xtreme 2 - a continuation of the first part, the new part is filled with numerous levels, better graphics, physics, animation, drawing a motorcycle, there were tricks. Click on the gas, bring your motorcycle engine up to maximum speed, going 32 levels. The game engine is used NVIDIA ® PhysX ®, which gives you the most impressionable riding a motorcycle in different locations.


Extreme Formula - A futuristic game
The fight for the fastest race cars. Different modes of play, and exciting achievement. Adjust your skills and adjust their race vehicles. Make your choice and then move it to the limit. Move up to each race and move through levels of difficulty.

Monster Truck Rally HD - Dirty race

New, great off-road racing in various places on the 4 available tracks:
Desert, Snow Mountain, Jungle and Country.
5 amazing trucks - Monsters
3 game modes: Career, Practice and Multiplayer
Great physics and stunning graphics, well, cool music.

Download apk->
Download cache->
(after extracting cache place folder MonsterTruckRally in the root of SD-card)

ATV Madness - Racing ATVs
Ride a quad bike, do tricks to earn extra points by which you can open vehicles and new levels!There is a set of engine power, brakes and t.d.Udivitelnaya physics awaits you. And 12 quads, about 15 tricks, and 5 more tracks.

Download apk->
Download cache->

Drift Mania Championship - Drift in 3D

Amazing game, which dedicated motorsport. In it we have to become a professional drifter and show all his skill in cornering in a controlled skid. The game has realistic graphics and sound like absolutely everything a fan of the sport. Let me remind you that the drift - this style of driving when the driver drives the car skid and is able to move in the drift time. According to the rules of the competition on the Drift - they are carried out on the pavement and participation can only take zadneprivodnye auto and manual gearbox. The game will not let you get bored.



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