Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to Install Original LG Firmware using KDZ Updater for LG P500

Q: What is this tutorial meant to do?
A: Help you to update/flash official firmware on your lg p500 [helpful for those with slow or no internet connection]

So first off all you need to download the following files.
KDZ updater

LG official firmware 

android version v2.2.2 build v10E
android version v2.3.3 build v20C

1.[This step is only for installing drivers for LG phone not compulsory]
Install LG PC Suite IV ,you can find it in your SD card which came with phone ,follow below steps to install

if you don't have 'LG PC Suite IV' in your phone's sd card 
Download from here->

- Enable the 'USB Mass Storage Only' mode in the phone's Settings/SDcard & Phone Storage menu.
- Connect phone to PC with the USB Cable.

- Press the 'Turn on USB Storage' button which appears on phone.

- Browse to the folder containing the 'LG PC Suite IV' on the phone's SD card using Windows Explorer and run the LG Installer file
PC Suite will now install on your system along with the required drivers for your phone.
- After closing PC Suite, do "Safely remove the USB device" from your system.
- Press the 'Turn off USB Storage' button on phone screen.
- Detach the USB Cable.
- Disable the 'USB Mass Storage Only' mode in the phone's Settings/SDcard &Phone Storage menu.

For my comfort more than anything else, I switched off the screensaver and other power saving features on the PC and also set the screen timeout delay on the phone to 30 minutes.(Settings/Display/Screen Timeout)

2. Remove the screen lock

3. Charge the phone to the maximum.

4. Enable USB Debugging on Phone
(Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging).

5. Detach all other peripherals from your PC.
Exit all running applications on your PC especially other PC suites if any. Also exit running programs from the notification bar on the desktop.

6.[IMPORTANT] Disable 'LGE Virtual Modem' in PC's Device Manager. 
(In your Windows operating system, go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Modems > Select and Disable all LG Modems under this category.)
7. Move all the apps from the SD Card to phone memory and then Unmount the SD card from the phone (Settings/SDcard & Phone Storage) so as to remove it (physically) from the phone.
(Step not Compulsory but better safe than sorry)

8. Open the phone's back cover and remove the SD Card.

9. Download KDZ Updater
and extract the files in the 7z archive(how to extract 7z files? -> )

10. Run the msxml.msi file and complete the installation.

11. Connect the phone to PC with USB Cable.

12. Run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe from the extracted folder.

13. Chose TYPE as 3GQCT & Phone Mode as DIAG.

14. In the 'KDZ file' space, browse for the firmware you want to install. (example: V10E_00.kdz)

15. Press the 'Launch software update' button.

16. The firmware Installing/flashing process is now underway.

If all goes well, in 5-10 minutes the phone will be flashed with the new firmware.

I shall describe what will happen detail what happened with my phone

-10-15 seconds after launching software update on PC, my phone screen turned blank and in a couple of seconds the phone entered the 'Emergency Mode'.
-During this mode the screen was yellow/green with Emergency Mode written along the middle of the screen. Also you can check the progress on your computer in the KDZ updater.
-When the update is finished the KDZ updater will show a message in the log screen itself as =FINISHED=. The phone stays the same way till the Software update procedure finishes on the pc and the phone screen turns off in the end
-I waited a while for it to reboot but after a few minutes or so, I manually switched on the phone
The phone came alive and following the LG boot animation, the android logo screen came up. 
-The phone takes about 2 or more whole minutes in that state before booting up fully and entering the home screen.


  1. realy done greate job thank u.........

  2. hi ... i updated my phone succsesfully but what r those indian apps and no arabic keyboard or language... so i was want to downgrade to 2.2.2 frimware from the same page: this page, and my phone is now briked what i should do to relife him...

    i tried to get the battery out and press vol Up + back button + connect USB Cable he should wake up in Emergency mode but nothing happend please tell me what i should do to bring him back

  3. I used the V20C.kdz and my phone is stuck on the loading "Android" screen. It's been more than 10 minutes and it ain't loading anymore.

    1. connect the phone to the Computer and press home+ volume up + power and let it load and it will open, i try it many times before and it works!

  4. damn now my phone not turning on=(

  5. can i still do this when clockworkmod is installed

    1. yes but before you do this
      go to control panel->device manager->network adapters
      and disable lfg mobile modem
      and then launch kdz update process

  6. I think Baseband V20 doesn't support this ROM.