Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Flash/Install a customized kernel/ROM in your p500

For starters you need to root your phone

How to root your phone
Next download the kernel/ROM/Zipped App zip file
and place it in your sd card
(not in any folder just directly copy it to the sd card AND dont unzip it)

Once done you need to boot into custom recovery
if you dont have a custom recovery
follow the below steps

First install ROM manager

once downloaded and installed(preferably install in phone rather than sd card)
open the application
and it will ask for superuser permissions

after granting permissions
click on "flash clockworkmod recovery"
and select phone model

now it will start to download the recovery file
wait for it to download (around 4 MB in size)
once downloading is done it will install the recovery
and a success screen will pop up
else it will show a error screen
(just re-download)

restart your phone
and press
power + home button + volume up button
to load into recovery or else

just open ROM manager and select "Reboot into Recovery"

once it reboots
you'll get a screen like this
use the volume keys to navigate the menu

go into "advanced menu"(press "menu" button [the extreme left button ,next to home] to select advance menu)
in "advanced menu" do the following
-wipe dalvik cache
-wipe battery stats

once done press back button
and come to "main menu"
and wipe cache partition
go to "install zip from sd card" menu
in that menu
select first option
"choose zip from sd card"

select the kernel/ROM/app zip file
and flash/install it
and your done
,just reboot/restart your phone now :)